Bali March 2014 (day 4) {Spa + Rock Bar}

Welcome to the final installment of my Bali trip!



Spending the whole day alone = cam-whoring time!

The rest of the gang went for Canyoning at 6 am while I was still recovering from surfing two days ago. Ok I kid, I just wanted to have some chillax time instead of physical strenuous activity.

Woke up at 10 ish for breakfast, fried maggi mee! And pool time.

The breakfast on repeat mode

The breakfast on repeat mode

Made a spa appointment with Murano Spa for a 12.30 pm slot which was about 10 – 15 minutes car journey from the villa. Free pick up around Semiyak area with at least 2 people going for the treatments.

I tried out the Milk Bath Massage (2 hours) + Creambath (1 hour) amounting to Rupiah 300,000 + 10% tax (~SGD 37).

The interior

The interior of Murano Spa

Bali Spa

I was brought to this room which looked rather oriental. Loved the bamboo / wooden blinds which allowed air to flow through while maintaining some privacy. So glad to be having a spa in a semi open area instead of four concrete walls like in Singapore (those that I can afford now la).

I find Balinese massage on the more gentle side as compared to Thai massage. Do let the therapist know if you would like to have a harder massage. My therapist was a shy young (very young) girl who was polite and serious about her work. Despite some language barrier, she checked with me about twice if the pressure of her massage is ok. I appreciate that facial / massage therapists not talk unnecessarily / make noise during the session so that I can connect to myself and the Nature.

Products used during the 90 minutes massage: I couldn’t recognize if she used the Sandalwood or Frangipani mint oil (as stated on their website) but it was pleasant to me. Milk scrub and lotion didn’t smell like some brand of instant milk powder which is intrusive to my nose. Then comes the bath soak which was my favourite (YAY).

Filled with so many rose petals!!!!!

Filled with so many rose petals!!!!!

The view from the bathtub

The view from the bathtub

murano spa Bali zibbie


Next up for the creambath which was a hair spa with neck and shoulder massage. Maybe skip this if you are running out of time. Because the room is like a rundown salon with almost ancient equipment (super hot hair dryer) and steamer. Didn’t like the scent of the conditioner they used either, like some really cheap brand.

Cabbed to the infamous Rock Bar located at Ayana Resort and Spa to meet the rest of the gang. It was about 130,000 rupiah which was quite expensive in Indonesia standards. 


I reached about 5 pm and there was a queue forming already. They let people down to the bar area quite progressively so that people don’t have to crowd around the bar area. There was an express queue for hotel stayers which I thought was being fair to the hotel stayers. Queued for about 30 minutes in the hot sun before descending down to the bar area.

The view while taking the escalator? down to the bar area.

The view while taking the escalator? down to the bar area.

Rock Bar Ayana Resort and Spa

There were couch seats available, with minimum spending of 600,000 rupiah (two-seaters) and 1.2 million rupiah (six-seaters). I think if there are six person in a group, definitely go for the unblocked couch seats! 3 snacks and 6 drinks to be shared will easily hit the 1.2 million rupiah mark.

One page savory menu Drinks had a few pages but we only ordered from this page

One page savory menu
Drinks had a few pages but we only ordered from this page

So I was all alone because the rest were still stuck in some mountainous waterfall area 😦 I was hoping that they could reach before sunset. Anyways I ordered a calamari, pretty decent, batter was well seasoned and not too thick and nicely fried. Accompanying garlic olive sauce was awesome too  The Lime Passionfruit iced tea was a great relief from the blazing sun, sweetness was just right (though it tasted like the Heaven & Earth Passionfruit bottled tea).

Rock Bar Ayana Resort and Spa

Rock Bar provides umbrellas for guests to shield themselves from the blasting sun before sunset commence. Quite a thoughtful gesture. 

My lonely table which I sat from 5.30 pm to 7 pm

My table under the shelter of a tree.

Then a group left and I faster moved to this table with unblocked view.

Then a group left and I faster moved to this table with unblocked view.

zibbie sunset

Rock Bar Bali - Ayana Resort and Spa

zibbie & sunset

Watched sunset alone like I just got ditched. hahahs. Thankfully my friends still came down despite being caught in a jam and the sun had already set.

Rock Bar Bali - Ayana Resort and Spa

Clockwise from top left hand corner

 Virgin Rock Exotic Delight > my second drink. A bit too syrupy taste and over sweet. Asked for extra cup of ice to dilute the drink. The dried apricot stick was quite a nice touch.

Fries Platter > most value for money on the savory menu, a crowd pleaser.

Virgin Rock Orange Breeze > Tasted like *cough cough syrup.

 Maitai > No comments

Mojito > Addition of brown sugar was quite interesting, a rather safe choice. 

AYANA Resort and Spa Bali
Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran
Phone: +62 361 702222
Bali, Indonesia – 80364

Opening Hours: 4pm to 1am daily (until 2am on Friday – Sunday)

Dress Code: Smart attire is required at all times. No singlets or boardshorts, and no alcohol-branded attire will be permitted.

Naughty Nuris

Ended the night off with Naughty Nuri’s again! Stick to the pork ribs!! Didn’y enjoy the ox tail soup and bratwurst.  

 Can’t wait to visit Bali again! 

zibbie ♔