Crab in da Bag review! (4th April 2014)

Crab in da Bag at Big Splash

AHOY! Welcome Aboard!

First time trying out this Southern Louisiana style seafood restaurant which opened its doors in early September at the famous Big Splash. A treat from my promoted colleagues, congrats once again 🙂

Do make advance reservation as it is usually crowded on weekends.

crab in da bag big splash

Love the nautical setting – fish net, steering wheel, safety float, blue. Very related to the industry that I am in!

Crab in da Bag big splash

Yes it got very messy but everyone was messy together, no one cared about maintaining image which was so shiok!! Get all ten fingers and palms dirty with crustacean goodness!!!!

The colourful menu

The colourful menu

we ordered our food at 7.30 pm and they said waiting time is one hour. We agreed to it and requested for drinks to be served first. However, the drinks came only 45 minutes later after we reminded them 4 times.

Tower of lager, CiDB Wings. Fried Cauliflower

Tower of lager, CiDB Wings ($10), Fried Cauliflower ($8)

I only took a sip of the Lager which was smooth, I ordered Somersby pear cider for myself 🙂
Wings were ordinary, we were too famished from waiting an hour. omg I just realized CiDB Wings stand for Crab in Da Bag -___-
Fried cauliflower was interesting, liked the batter albeit the slight chao tar taste.

Venus Clam in Ultimate Curry

Venus Clam in Ultimate Curry ($20)

Clams were juicy and sweet, went very well with the sauce. Individual orders of seafood will come in a bag, the staff will tie a knot then flip it over and cut the ‘top’ part of the plastic: tadah, a make shift plate.

Baby Squids $10, South African Lobsters (3 for $195), deshelved lobster meat, Black Pomfret ($18)

Baby Squids $10, South African Lobsters (3 for $195), deshelved lobster meat, Black Pomfret ($18)

Baby squids were well fried to a crisp. Lobster was boiled but sauces were given for dripping in. Black pomfret was quite tiny for the price but I love the spicy sauce.  

The Titanic Caboodle Pot!!!

The Titanic & Gigantic Caboodle Pot!!! ($299 & $399)

“Caboodle” is an American slang for “everything”. I think for big eaters, the caboodle pot is not enough. And to have enough, you will burn a big hole in your pockets.  

Another look at the caboodle pot!

Another look at the caboodle pot!

The sides like rice and bread only came after we finished our main course, minus points for bad coordination of orders even though we ordered all together right from the start.

crab in da bag big splash 6


Total bill came up to SGD 1546 for 11 pax, which was about SGD 140.50 per pax!!! Very expensive lo, thank you promoted colleagues for the treat. Maybe we should have went Malaysia to feast 4 – 5 times with the money. 


Crab in da bag

Crab in da Bag big splash

Overall I think the seafood-in-a-bag + eat-with-your-bare-hands concept is very intriguing, love it that everyone’s hands are so dirty that they won’t be using their mobile phones, the only entertainment will be enjoying the food + engaging in real conversation with your friends!! 

However. this restaurant really needs to buck up on their service and allocate enough manpower to handle the crowd. Come on, for the amount of money they charge and earned, how painful is it to hire 2 – 4 more staff to offer better experience for the clients.

Block D Unit #01-25
902 East Coast Parkway.
Big Splash Singapore 449874.
Tel: +65 6440 0083
Fax: +65 6440 0091

Want to visit Cajun Kings next!! 

zibbie ♔